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yupo ® sticker

Yupo (manufactured by Yupo Corporation) is a special film like paper, made with a multilayered structure by mixing inorganic pigments and other special materials with polypropylene. Endowed with both the appearance, writability and printability of paper, and the superior water resistance and durability of film, it is ideal for outdoor use on posters and advertisements. Its properties come to the fore in water-contact environments, such as supermarket fish counters or gardening goods counters. We have a full lineup of products with a wide range of uses, from inkjet printing for outdoor billboards, to Yupo thermal for printing with a thermal printer.
NOTE:"YUPO" is a registerd trademark of YUPO CORPORATION.

Purpose of use and properties

For general labels
Areas of use
Foods, consumer goods, etc.
Water resistance, printability , writability